Slave To The Queen (ON HOLD)

Slave To The Queen (ON HOLD)

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Isabella Snow Rose By isabellasnow Updated Feb 17, 2015

I'm a slave or that's what I thought when I was brought by the head guard
of the vampire world.

I was a slave that was meant to help with preparations for the eclipse,
the eclipse is special it only happens every five thousand year. For the
vampire world this is the event of a life time where the queen will come to
be...the one queen that will rule over their kingdom and save them from the
darkness that is to come.

They will have all the Ladies of the court there. The ladies of the court
are meant to be ones that are made of young vampires that have good souls, one
is said to be the queen.

They say that the last eclipse that was over 5 thousand years ago, one
of the ladies of the court that had a good heart and soul was lifted into the
air and transformed. She wore a red dress and a crown appeared on her head
making her the queen on the kingdom.

Something was made... a prophesy at the beginning of time that one queen
will be so pure of heart that she is the key to bring the kingdom from darkness
and into the light.

The prophesy words have been told to only queens over the centuries....

In the time of darkness
one will rise the Queen of light upon her beast.

With a sword in hand
and armour upon her body she will destroy the darkness.

But beware one will betrayed
her causing her to make a chose... fall or rise.


This prophesy was made for me a once human girl that is now queen of the
vampire world...


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