Loki's Sister

Loki's Sister

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LunaWolfSpirit By LeAnnaBosch Completed

"Stupid Mortal."  Loki growled and I snapped.

"I ain't just no mortal!"  I shouted and punched him. Very hard.  He fumbled back, holding his face.

"That's what you get for disrespecting me."  I muttered and crossed my arms.


Lorien lived her entire life on the helicarrier.  Fury's adopted daughter.  When Lorien discovers the Avengers discussing Loki in one of the labs, she soon discovers that Fury has kept a very big secret from her.


*Let it be known, this is NOT edited at all.  I am currently editing it and I will post the edited version when I am finished.*

By then that song will be fûcking old, it already kinda is.
TheLocalEmo TheLocalEmo Jul 17
No sh!t sherlock. Shes a 13 year old girl and your like what 30 something like wtf 😂😂😂😂😂😒
That book freaaakkkked me out. I get so uncomfortable  and  paranoid every time i hear the word.
mikaylapast mikaylapast Feb 25
I'm reading that book right at the moment and it's amazing 😍
You should still much him Fury, it will make you feel better
Pyro_Flare Pyro_Flare Feb 28
^-^ Lovely. This story is amazing and i'm only a chapter in. Keep up your excellent work.