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Sapphire Ruby Turner

Sapphire Ruby Turner

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Harley_everill By Harley_everill Completed

Sapphire Ruby Turner is the twin little sister of William Turner.
It was just another day at port royal for Sapphire as The daughter of the governor's maid but when she goes to the docks to wonder she see the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow. 
Sapphire is a troublemaker. She has been in trouble with the law of Port Royal but they couldn't come to the point were they killed her. 
Join Sapphire,Will to rescue the dear Elizabeth Swann, with the help of Captain Jack Sparrow.

For those who don't know what eunuch is. Here it is: a man who has been castrated, especially (in the past) one employed to guard the women's living areas at an oriental court.
nazdaq nazdaq Jul 18, 2016
I'm not trying to hate, but Saphire Ruby???? Really man? It's names like that in stories like these that give wattpad a bad name. I mean come on.
Otsena Otsena Feb 19
Oh my goodness!! I actually have my own fanficction about ELIZABETH's twin sister! It's amazing how  similar we think! I absolutely loved this chapter. And I'm so excited there's someone else who thought at the same wavelength as I! Well done :)
Raptor8600 Raptor8600 Feb 13
I like the idea and I haven't read this fanfic yet, but, I just wanted to point something out. A twin little sister is really confusing. Twin=same age and little sister= younger... so, which one is it?
lsarah28 lsarah28 Sep 15, 2016
Only reason I am reading this is because my best friends name is Ruby turner
Littlemissraven Littlemissraven May 25, 2015
Just considering that the prostitutes at Tortuga had full length dresses. She is worse the the prostitutes.