Burning Desire

Burning Desire

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~A~ By Sassthetic_ Updated Jul 02

❝When you know I hate you, then why're you even trying it with me?❞ He asked her, undoing his belt.

❝You won't understand.❞ She shrugged her shoulders before slipping the strap of the bra, to toss it away. 

And their bodies fucked, losing sense of time and place.

Miah Morrison, 22, a party animal, knows what she wants in her life, and Zack definitely isn't what she've wanted.

Zack Castellano, 24, his life was all about reckless street racing, smoking and drinking. From where did Miah appeared, he had absolute no idea.


They've loathed each other since the time they've known of the other's existence, but that could not set apart the lingering desire they had to relish the other. 

They haven't just hated but even lusted over each other, but their big egos never let them accept it. 

They'd always thought the only thing they share in common is the feeling of hatred for the other, but little did they knew their lives are entwined way beyond. 


Life hasn't been easy on him, neither was it a cakewalk for her.

She is not that good girl, neither is he that bad boy.

She enjoys attention but he doesn't!

She hates being lied, and his life is all about lies.

He hates being loved, and she've only learnt to make love.


Perinial love, Sinful lust, Grimaceful hatred, Hypnotic mysteries, Humorous sarcasm. It's all in here.

WARNING : This book consists of a very coarse language, with mature theme and graphics.