nail paint * larry

nail paint * larry

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"why do you paint your nails?"
"because it makes me feel pretty"


where louis likes to paint his nails and harry is really intrigued by it.

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lostlittlelouis lostlittlelouis Jun 07, 2016
I painted both of my little bros' nails and they were so happy until my dad came home and bitched about them being 'feminine' and shît and that they'd be bullied. (I just rolled my eyes though bc he's a homophobic sexist bítch)
stylestonem stylestonem Nov 23, 2016
here harry is completely oblivious of that kind of things, but then I remember that he is the only one of the both who has dared to come out with painted nails in public and i'm an ocean of tears
EvansJLee EvansJLee Oct 06, 2016
I' sorry if I say I need ya, but I don't care, I'm not scared of looooove 'cause when im not with you I'm weaker is that so wrong?, Is it so wrong? 'cause LOU make me strong
lowkeylouis lowkeylouis Jun 25, 2016
I'm having second hand embarrassment so hard I want to smash my face w a hot iron
EvansJLee EvansJLee Oct 06, 2016
So.... it's over 4:15AM and I screamed, my mum came down stairs and slapped me with her sandals😂😂😂, she's so mexican
smol-voodoo-doll smol-voodoo-doll Sep 26, 2016
That's so adorable, I don't like nail polish or anything but I want this?? Just because Louis has it