His Majesty And I

His Majesty And I

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To His Majesty, 

It is in the middle of the night and I keep tossing and turning. To relieve my mind and hopefully sleep, I am writing this to you. A letter I will hide, and never give to you.

Our love has been FORBIDDEN from the beginning. They call it impossible but I see possibility. They named it a curse but I see a cure. I know I am not the best person to fall in love with, thus I am grateful for your love. You have been nothing but spectacular. Your kisses make my heart warm. Your favor flatters my heart. Your smile makes my day. You are everything I could ever wish for in a man.

I know you are aware that I am a spy, a murderer, deceiver and a BIG LIAR; you can tell all this and that is why I'm conflicted. Remember the conversation we had on the rooftop in which you said, "I don't trust you, that much I know." You had me close to you. "But still if you were to attempt to dethrone me, kill me, leave me or steal from me a thousand times... I would spare your life a thousand times more." 

I asked why. And you answered, "Although I may hate you then, although I won't want to see you or have anything to do with you... I still won't be able to breathe without the knowledge of your existence." You pulled my hand to you heart, and whispered, "That's how much this heart beats for you, Empress." 

Your Majesty, you won't call out my bluff, interrogate or have me confess my sins. I don't know whether you choose to trust me blindly, or you are waiting for me to come out with the truth by myself or you secretly investigate me behind my back.

At the end of it all, I'm a liar, Your Majesty. Whether you truly know this or not, I hope you will forgive and love me till the end.

Yours sincerely,

Empress of your heart

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