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Not just friends (GaLe fanfic)

Not just friends (GaLe fanfic)

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im trying By Trix66 Completed

Warning: most likely cheesey af. Also a shit ton of spelling errors that I'm not planning on fixing anytime soon. Or ever. I don't understand why people keep reading this book. 

Gajeel and Levy are falling for each other but don't notice it. Not until they are both on job together with the others. A new girl, Alex, joined Fairy Tail before they left. Everyone seems to have an interest in the newbie, Alex. Everyone except Gajeel of course. Oddly enough Gajeel is the only person she has her own interest in. They agreed to let her come along for her first job. But was that the best idea? Things happen on the way there and when they are there things don't go as smoothly as they planned. An odd twist changes everyone's thoughts about Alex. Things happen, people get hurt, physically and emotionally, and opinions are changed about the newbie.  What did Alex do? What happened to Gajeel and Levy? What did the others do in response? These are questions you may ask along with many more but for the answers you must read! I hope you enjoy!

Oh come on levy you and gajeel are perfect for each other!!!!
JJArtJayla JJArtJayla Jun 15
She don't need no man. But a DRAGON SLAYER,iron to be exact.
And then we find out that she was reading 50 shades of gray (grey) XDDD DAT NAUGHTY LEVY!!
Alpha_Midnight Alpha_Midnight Dec 14, 2016
There's a saying I once heard it went something like this: Whenever you can't fall asleep your soulmate can't either, so that's why we stay up late when trying to sleep, because we are bonded.
                              Nalu and Gruvia 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
Why does he keep calling her bunny girl he can't call her that! Nalu is canon in the fanfic so no calling her names!