Falling For Him

Falling For Him

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Harry Styles is a 22 year old-CEO and self-made billionaire. He is known worldwide but his parents wants him to calm down with the business life and develop a love life, tired of his family meddling in his personal love life he decides to take matters into his own hands and hires the best candidate his assistant Selena Gomez to attend his older sister wedding in the Bahamas.

How far is Harry willing to go to get his parents off his back out of his personal love life?

Selena Gomez is a 21 year old-successful fashion designer working for the well-known Harry Styles. She despises Harry she thinks he's smug, rich, selfish, and most of all complete jerk. She doesn't do boyfriends or dating because she always working. But, her world is flipped upside down when Harry Styles unexpectedly offers her a proposition; she must pretend to be his fiancée. 

Will she accept the offer or not? 

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from finding dory
                              gerald have u lost your marbles 
                              i don't know why this is so funny
HarlenaIsMyDilemma HarlenaIsMyDilemma Apr 27, 2016
He's doing it so you can be nice to him too and agree to be his fake fiancé
Stasicaaaa Stasicaaaa Sep 02, 2014
hehehe...I thought that you asked me to say you the name of your book:)Lol
Stasicaaaa Stasicaaaa Sep 02, 2014
Oh, God.I get it.The name of my book! Hehehe...the name is "Little things"
Stasicaaaa Stasicaaaa Sep 01, 2014
Wow...Adore it.Great work.And btw..can you check my new Harry Styles fanfiction book?:)