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Jaaay_slay By Jaaay_slay Updated Jul 09, 2016

Kimberly was 13 Yrs Old when she moved out of state with her grandparents Leaving her 2 twin brothers,Father and mother. She moved just to get away from everybody when she got dumped and cheated on from her ex boyfriend Drake and took it hard.

4 years later her Grandparents couldn't take care of her anymore when shes comming back home drunk and waisted. So they send her away back to her home town in San Antonio..

But shes not the nerdy girl who wore big glasses and always had her hair in pig tails and clothers that coverd her body from head to toe. Shes a badass shes a street fighter and a street racer and SEXY !.

What will happen when she moves back. will she get the silent treatment from her Twin brothers since she left them ? Will Drake show intrest in her ? well she fall in love with Drake again or find someone else? What will happen...?



Theres sexual parts and alot of curssing so if you don't like any of that please dont read !

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Jaaay_slay Jaaay_slay Oct 29, 2014
@ParisLove- thank you & i know i gotta fix alot of errors & I will (:
ParisLove- ParisLove- Oct 29, 2014
She's too young but I lurv the story so far <3 as a starter, you're doing amazing
ParisLove- ParisLove- Oct 29, 2014
I love how this isn't really all about mates and yet, there are some unique parts and ahhh idk it's bootiful <3 although there are a few grammatical errors, you're doing awesome so far! ;) keep writing!