Melting Gray [Gratsu]

Melting Gray [Gratsu]

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Senior year can mean lots of things for people. For Natsu, it simply means turning over a new leaf - not letting his past define his happiness, actually attempting to get his homework taken care of, and maybe making it to graduation without going insane.

However, Natsu's plans for senior year vanish before the year hasn't even started, all thanks to new guy Gray Fullbuster, the most interesting, captivating, unique person Natsu has met. But unluckily for him, he's also the most annoying, moody, rude person he's ever met. 

So Natsu takes on the challenge - to melt Gray's protective outer walls and reach his core to discover the true Gray inside. He know's its going to take a lot of work and a lot of patience, but he's up for the challenge to see behind those sightless eyes.

Oh, right. Gray just so happens to be blind. Like it wasn't hard enough already.

Warning: Major angst, fluff, and OOC-ness.

©hanlovespasta // 2014

It depends on where u go. At my old high school form which I am a fresh graduate from we had 6, 50 minute classes with two lunch periods which depends on your fourth period class. But the down side is that 4th period is another 30 minutes longer. I started at 7:40 and ended at 2:18
If they did remember, this is a gratsu book and Natsu's a demon sooooo
Ahaha! I see what you did there, Mira is a she-devil. Ahahahahahah 😂
Ye this would be me if i talked to a blind person... i would forget all the time...
Ugh at our school we have 7 classes all 1 hour long and only one 30 min break for lunch... we arent even allowed phones
ima_ninga ima_ninga Jun 07
My classes are an hour and a half long with an hour lunch no break and get out around 2:30P.M get to school at 7:00A.M and I got four classes