The Fake Marriage

The Fake Marriage

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"I don't have that many rules but I do have three that you need to abide by." He said.

I nodded and he grabbed the back of my neck and made me look at him.

"Listen to what I say," he kissed my neck and I shivered at the sensation.

He placed his hands on either side of me so I was trapped in between him and the table.


"Don't flirt with other men." He bit my ear and I moaned quietly.

"And during the night time, your body is mine." He said.


If you would've told Kaya that would marry the world's most successful man she'd have laughed in your face.

Kaya at age 22 is struggling with life, she's struggling to make ends meet and one day goes out to drink with her friend.

She ends up meeting a guy and they talk and kaya tells him her troubles. He offers to help her and makes her sign something.

Kaya wakes up with a headache in the morning and in someone's bed?

She ends up marrying the man she met last night, and everything seems to be fine, until Luis' possessiveness starts showing.

but it's a fake marriage right?