Invincible ➵h.s

Invincible ➵h.s

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harreh the frog By WeTukAChonce_ Completed

In a futuristic society, love is 'found' through matching bracelets, that are assigned by the government. It is simple system - if the man in front of you has the same bracelet symbol as you, then you are meant to be.

But there was one flaw - what if the bracelets were switched, through a third-party? 

Will their compassion shine through and be able to defy society's view of 'love'? Or does fate have something else in mind?

xselytsx xselytsx Jan 27
I really like this kind of things,i'm glad i'm not reading some cliche fanfic again
letscrytogether letscrytogether Nov 07, 2015
I love these kind of books and I'm already excited to start reading it
hypnoteyes hypnoteyes Oct 28, 2015
Isn't this like the Matched series ( Matched, Crossed, Reached)??? I loved those books so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna love this!!!
RebeccaSky RebeccaSky Jun 09, 2015
OMG dating would be so easy if you could match a bracelet to your soul mate!
mings_hemx mings_hemx Feb 06, 2015
                              ^^^ who said that?? Not me....
mings_hemx mings_hemx Feb 06, 2015
Woahhh imagine if like your soul mate was someone reallyyyy ugly... Thats probably how my soulmate would feel like lol