Together Again ✦ Snily

Together Again ✦ Snily

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[Severus Snape and Lily Potter Fanfiction, taking place in the year 1981]

Intertwining of wrongly chosen paths result in the accidental meeting between Lily Potter and Severus Snape. All she intended was a normal trip to the Apothecary, unaware that all hell was bound to break loose that day. 

Through problems of troubles and sorrows, her and Severus find themselves growing more fond of one another each day since their reconciliation. His attempts of tucking away his darker side had touched her heart, as well as his effort to help her after the Boy Who Lived survives Voldemort - but with a sickness. 

What happens to Harry? What happens to James? What ultimately happens to Severus and Lily when they're found together again?

Find out! 


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BlazedDonuts BlazedDonuts Jul 31, 2017
Is this the same book as the one where lily had this mudblood curse? I feel like it's so similar @rickmanings
Sierra_Diamonds Sierra_Diamonds Jul 26, 2016
Snape's memories part 2.........I always seem to choke of lack of air at that's sadder than anything....
Hamilton_Nerd_ Hamilton_Nerd_ Sep 06, 2016
FOOD CAN BE BEST FRIEND AND CAT DATE *cough* drapple *cough*
SnapeLover87 SnapeLover87 Aug 11, 2016
Just reading this I already know I'm gonna miraculously like it :)
Yeah_Im_the_King Yeah_Im_the_King Sep 30, 2015
Well I do. Nutella happens to be my best friend in the whole universe. You're missing out.
_colourful_elephant _colourful_elephant Sep 05, 2015
I find Nutella can be extremely helpful in tricky situations, always listening and caring for me. I couldn't do it without her! As for peanut butter, well, he's nearly as helpful. Not quite as caring though.