Young Ms. Riddle (Completed)

Young Ms. Riddle (Completed)

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Into The Darkness (the second book) has been started!


Mother ushered me into the drawing room that had been turned into a throne room for Father. We knelt as we entered the room. "Rise, my family who never doubted my return," my father hissed, pulling out the s in rise.

   I stood and walked over to Father who had risen from his throne of obsidian. He pulled me into his arms and I hugged him back. I let a tear flow from my eye. "Father, I am so glad you are back. I have missed you," I whispered into his ear, hugging him even tighter.

   He pulled me closer and kissed my forehead, showing affection for me to everyone in the room. It was a rarity to even talk to my father.

   Ever since he had been reborn, again, he had been plotting the death of Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived.

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NoLightNoDark NoLightNoDark Dec 19, 2017
Mom (my mom is Bellatrix) I love you, but that's gross. Eeeeeeven though my father is Voldemort
Unicornfarts05 Unicornfarts05 Dec 14, 2017
Voldy ended up being kicked out of his part-time psychologist job on day one and forbidden to ever come back within the 10-mile radius of the place. Let's just say that the lady with the blond hair and duffle bag did not return there again.
conventional_weapons conventional_weapons Apr 05, 2015
Who would love Voldemort?
                              *dies of laughter*
                              Okay, I will now approach this fanfiction with an open mind.
brendonshighheels brendonshighheels Sep 14, 2014
@harrypotterology I plan to update soon, I am trying to get it a bit farther a head plot wise