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Shay Speare By shakespearian1 Updated May 01

On December 31, 1812, Theodosia Burr, daughter of Aaron Burr,  went aboard a ship that was meant to reach New York where her father awaited her. Sadly, Theodosia never made it to New York, for a bad storm left her lost at sea. Or so they think.

After the death of her only son, Theodosia's marriage to the governor of South Carolina crashes, and her only relief is in a childhood friend, Primrose Cook, who reawakens desires Theodosia had buried away - feelings she can't ignore anymore, but if she stays in the States, consequences are sure to come. 

Theodosia and Primrose make plans to live out at sea, and what better timing to do so when Theodosia's father returns to the States, inviting his daughter to come to New York? While Primrose goes to New York by horse, Theodosia climbs aboard a ship, assured that she will arrive in New York safely.

However, a storm off the coast of South Carolina provides the perfect cover for a savage pirate ship to lay siege. With her life on the line, Theodosia must learn the art of deceit to survive on a vessel of pirates and infiltrate the ship to get to New York where Primrose and her father wait.

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