The Ranger

The Ranger

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Hannah By Hanabanna12 Updated Oct 28, 2014


That day was the worst day of my life, it was also the day I decided to avenge my parents and hunt down whoever murdered them. That was 9 years ago, and now, Im so close to finally finding him. 

This is T's story

9 years ago T's parents were brutally murdered by an unknown killer. The only problem? He did it with magic. Lyrian is a world unknown to mortals, where sorcerers and wizards and mages are striving to survive in King Dartanian's kingdom where he rules very unfairly. Once in a blue moon a special child is born. Because of a vision king Dartanian had, everytime one of these special children are born they are to be immediately killed by order of the king, in fear that one day one special child will overthrow the king and will rule forever. During her journey towards the kingdom T will face obstacles that will either help her or break her.

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