My Summer

My Summer

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whosman By whosman Updated May 09, 2017

"Okay, let's play a game." He sat up straight and he had a wicked smile on his face.

My eyes widen at his smile. "Oh, so much fun. But you go first, you thought of the game."

We sat there in silence, he didn't saying anything for the longest time.

"Did you kill your father?" He asked me. My face dropped, there was no emotion showing on my face. I just wanted to go home. People don't even have the nerve to ask me that to my face, they just talk about it behind my back.

I got up quickly. "No, I didn't kill him and what type of question is that? You couldn't have thought about asking me a couple of question later but instead you jump right onto that."

"Can you relax? It's just a question." James told me, I gave him a deadly glare and he dropped his head in his hands.

"Just a question? Have you been asked if you killed your father. I don't think so." He's actually so stupid, if I did kill my dad, I would most likely in jail right now. 

I was actually so hurt, not because it was from James, the boy I liked, but by the facts that people actually think that I killed him. I'm harmless, well not really, but I would never hurt my family. As much as  my mom and I don't really get along, I would never hurt her. 

"You're actually an asshole." I walked to his car to get my sweater, once I got it, someone closed the door for me, I jumped and I held my hand to my chest.

 I see his arms appear at the side of my face so he could be leaned against it. "Can you tell that I don't want to deal with you right now, James?"

I turned around to be really closed up to the devil's face, Adam.
Adam Forrest: Francisco Lachowski
Angel Smith: Barbara Palvin
Naveena Rohit: Shay Mitchell
Emma Rose: Nina Dobrev
Alexis Peña: Bethany Mota
Jayden Martinze: Sean O'Donnell
William Johnson: Zac Efron

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DeVries42 DeVries42 Feb 20, 2016
Try and make the chapters a little longer and add a little more detail, it's really good other than that though!
thatzmytrauma_ thatzmytrauma_ Sep 03, 2016
Me too I don't eat I just look at my crush😘💋 (NOT A STALKER)
So_In_Love_ So_In_Love_ Apr 30, 2016
The sentences need to be worded better because it's jumbled up or missing a few words but this has potential it just lacks depth and detail.