Breaking dawn Epov

Breaking dawn Epov

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Ashley Marie Fields By AshleyMarieFields Updated May 13, 2013

"Don't worry, Renee, it's still all under control," I could hear Esme saying from the kitchen as I stepped in the back door. "You have no idea how organized and determined Alice can be when she sets her mind to it. They didn't give her much time, but Alice doesn't need much...I know there are only a few days left before the wedding, but I'm certain that's all we'll need."

Only a few days left, I repeated in my mind, walking in the direction of the kitchen. I was already exhilarated from my afternoon hunt, and that thought lifted my spirits even higher. Only a few days to go until Bella and I would be married. Finally. Given that I'd only met her a year and half earlier, it shouldn't feel like I'd waited an eternity for this day, but in a sense I had. Ninety years or so, anyway.

Esme was perched on a stool near the telephone, a pen in her hand as she scribbled notes in the notebook she had been using for wedding preparations. She and Bella's mother, Renee, had been spending hours on t...

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ali20121 ali20121 Aug 07, 2015
I love this already but I know it is 2 years later but I would really love if you got back into it!! x:)