Moments Worth Facepalming in Percy Jackson Fanfics

Moments Worth Facepalming in Percy Jackson Fanfics

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❀Don't Worry, Chilea's Here☼ By Chilea Updated Mar 07

Just typical stupid things I see in PJO fanfics. 

[Warning: Contains satire. If you can't handle that, then don't read.]

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                              Not the wine part, just the madness one
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Is that a challenge?
                              I have only heard of literally one fanfiction based off of the same idea as mine, and my sister was the one who read it. Not me. It's not a new idea then, but it's apparently pretty damn new.
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*Puts All possible names for books like mine into search come up with nothing* *looks at book* *looks at you* *narrows eyes* *scratches chin* "really is that so"
I'm really curious to read those, because I've never heard of them before, but based on you guys' comments, I don't want to subject myself to so much torture.