Moments Worth Facepalming in Percy Jackson Fanfics

Moments Worth Facepalming in Percy Jackson Fanfics

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❀Don't worry, Chilea's here☼ By Chilea Updated Dec 25, 2016

Just typical stupid things I see in PJO fanfics. 

[Warning: Contains satire. If you can't handle that, then don't read.]

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rafeadlers rafeadlers Mar 16, 2016
*going to read this in class out loud let's see how this goes*
hexywitch97 hexywitch97 Jun 17, 2016
i use books like this as guides on what not to do in my fanfics
- - Jun 09, 2016
0-0 I'm supposed to be sleeping rn... U gonna come to my room? Whelp, it gon be empty, cuz I'M AT MAH AUNT!! HA! TAKE THAT!
AstroBookwormSinger AstroBookwormSinger Mar 06, 2016
I don't care how many of these there are! Theyre just hilarious
DDragon111 DDragon111 Oct 20, 2015
What was that about sneaking in people's rooms and breathing on them? 'Cause that's my job.