Inlove With My Gay Best Friend

Inlove With My Gay Best Friend

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Kristelle123 By Kristelle123 Updated Mar 04

Oh. You want to know my story? Well let's just say this isn't like your basic fairytale. For me happily ever afters DON'T exist. 

My best friend is gay. 

We grew up together, I've known him all my life and I absolutely adore him. Our parents are friends you see, we're neighbours meaning we spend every minute of the day together. 

When he told me he was gay, it wasn't much of a shocker. I guess I already knew that because of how feminine he is. Like seriously, even he has better women fashion sense than me!

I love him- in a friend way obviously, or so I thought. 

One night, after partying because of our friend's birthday, something weird happens. I don't know if he'll ever look at me the same way again but I guess he'll have to man up about it because there's no way in hell is he going to run away from me.

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PaolaFabbio PaolaFabbio Jun 24, 2017
Beautiful plot. You write really well, and yes, it's a shame that some people era gay...😞
Miraichan15 Miraichan15 Aug 16, 2016
Well...this is interesting. Im definitely sticking around for this.
whorec whorec Nov 29, 2016
You know what gay means? Happy I'm gay as well. I walk into my class room and yell I'm gay every morning.
BattyWritings BattyWritings Jan 09, 2017
Maybe try not to use the 'I have a gay friend' excuse
                              That does go over very well, probably one of the top things that you shouldn't say
The_Lost_Time_Lord The_Lost_Time_Lord Dec 09, 2015
Wouldn't it be so cute if he pretended to be gay because he was confused with his feelings for her?
                              "I love you." *whispers*
                              "I'm gay!"
SweetLittleLie SweetLittleLie Dec 01, 2015
Omg I'm already in love with your Book and I really don't say that a lot! Amazing!! ❤️ I can't wait finding out what happens next ... I just hope that there's a happy end after all even though you wrote that there won't be one