Toxic~Beta's Poison (Multicultural Romance)

Toxic~Beta's Poison (Multicultural Romance)

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Alicia By daff123 Completed

Caleb Monti, 25, is the leader of the "Blood Rose Rogues" They are respected by most upon by many.
Caleb being next in line for Beta, but has been on his own since his pack was attacked which also involved all the packs in the Northern Hemisphere. 

The four largest and strongest packs in the world

The surviving packs formed to make an alliance.  They called themselves the Blood Rose Renegades removing the term Rogues from their name,
they vowed to make the ones pay for what happened that one day destroying the lives of many of their packs.
Because Caleb's father was well respected friend and Beta of this pack, he was offered under agreement to never return to the former pack lands under the order of Alpha William Black, the main Alpha over all the killings.....
until Caleb's leader and banished survivals decides to get revenge for all that was lost, and were taken by Alpha William Black.

What happens when what you did to bring justice to your pack harms the only thing worth fighting for.....?

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JessikaRabbyt JessikaRabbyt Nov 18, 2016
Aww! Tragedy brought them together. They seem to be a beautiful couple and an amazing pack.
Terry-annMiller Terry-annMiller Sep 02, 2014
Hold up how come I am just seeing this see what working does to me making miss the good
Channel_Reign Channel_Reign Aug 22, 2014
YASSSS!!!! Another alpha male to drool over! This library is getting bigger!!!