It's not just you - Phan (completed)

It's not just you - Phan (completed)

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Chloe By ChloeMitzu Completed

Phil is in love with his best friend Dan, whom is dating a girl named Becca. After 6 months, Phil can't take it anymore, sending him over the edge. After Dan finds him on the roof, about to jump, how will Phil cope keeping his real reason away from Dan? 

This was originally just a one-shot from my book of them, however I liked it too much to just leave it at that! 

Rated PG-13 as there are mentions of suicide, sexual references and there will be swearing throughout this book. boyXboy as per usual.


[PG-13] Parents Strongly Cautioned

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Am I the only one reminded of Dan's potato sack video AKA baby video reactions
You tell em Philly! 
                              (but still, eat a snickers and kiss Danny boy)
I've had too much gay and now the thought of straight sex is just....
Becca, sweetie, go on a train, a train with a drunk condoctor, and prey he drives you off a bridge
phanforlyfs phanforlyfs Aug 27
I love how this points out all the little things that phil realises that nobody else does
(Click on my comment)  i thought it said "as the  apartment was silent and on fire"