Write to Rank 2

Write to Rank 2

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Joule Z By GregoriusJ Completed

From the contest Write to Rank, a competition about action writing with challenges every week. This is my entry on the contest. Hope you enjoy it.

Released :
Part 1 -white belt : write a 100 words flash-fiction action about the realization of danger. The wordcount must be exactly 100

Part 2 -yellow belt : write a 500 words flash-fiction with the prompt "Dead or alive. You're coming with me." The wordcount max is 500 words

Part 3 -orange belt : write an 800 words flash-fiction with dialogue between good and bad. The wordcount max is 800 words

Part 4 -green belt : write a 1000-1500 words flash-fiction using the genres of action & thriller/horror. Must mostly contain active sentences and fast-paced. It has to be first person perspective.

Part 5 -blue belt : write a 1000-1500 words flash-fiction using the theme "Ride or Die" with a third person perspective and the show not tell sentences.

Part 6 -purple belt : write a 1000-1500 words action fantasy with a plot twist.

Part 7 -brown belt : write a 2000-2500 words action + free theme and with active sentences. End with an insane cliffhanger.

Part 8 -red belt : write a 3000-3500 words (continuation of the brown belt) + active sentences and fast-paced.

Part 9 -black belt : write a 4000+ words to end the story of Part 7&8.