Feathers || Destiel High School AU

Feathers || Destiel High School AU

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Destiel Trash 💅 By wingsandhunters Completed

Just like every other story Dean Winchester is the school heart throb. Popular, beautiful and confident. And also just like every other story Castiel Novak is the nerdy boy in school with no social skills and an eccentric personality.

However this story has a twist. After a party that Castiel's brother throws things start going tits up for Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak. Dean is confused about his feelings for the dark haired boy but the green eyed beauty is the least of Castiel's problems especially now that his wings are coming through.

Note: like in my other story, fallen angel, there is a couple of OCs in this story including Zandriel (Zee) because seriously not enough hard core girls in Supernatural

Disclaimer: most of the characters are not mine! But you already knew that.

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My friend has never watched the show but knows it's my favorite and bought us matching bitch and jerk necklaces for Christmas
Based off of Red Lights, there is likely tears ahead. There's the only warning you need.
*me everyday at school when some random person I don't know starts to talk to me*
Yes finally a story where John isnt a rapist/child abuser and actually cares a little about them
Smut-- a flirty girl afraid of commitment.
                              Fluff-- a shy, sweet girl that just wants yo make everyone happy, but she's afraid of getting her heart broken.
                              What will happen if these two start to fall for each other?
                              ((I ship it now. Smuff for life.):
Ur not gay. Cas isn't a guy. You're multidimensional-wavelength-of-celestial-intent sexual