My blind mate

My blind mate

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Luke-ma-bae13 By Luke-ma-bae13 Updated Nov 06, 2014

I'm blind. Wasn't born blind. My father did it to me. My father was a cruel man. He would abuse me everyday. Everyday it got worse and worse. Till one day he threw silver at my eyes. Since being a werewolf silver is like poison to us. 

Living the hard life but know one knows just me and my mum. Not even my friends. 

Just me.

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I love it but its kinda going fast you should add more details (im not trying to be mean but thats my opinion)
I don't mean to hurt your feelings in any way, but if Mandy lives with her, won't her father beat her up, too?
Therian_With_Anxiety Therian_With_Anxiety Dec 12, 2016
If her mate rejects her cause she's blind then to bad for him.
makemesmile647 makemesmile647 May 23, 2016
Blind people can do school work, its just is different ish...
Eachbeautiful Eachbeautiful Apr 02, 2015
It was great I've never read anything like it before!!!!!!!!
Navycoffee Navycoffee Oct 15, 2014
Wow, this is a great start! Short, but suspicious ;) love it, keep it up!