Rhianna Rosalie Cullen Mikaelson • Leah Clearwater.

Rhianna Rosalie Cullen Mikaelson • Leah Clearwater.

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{ Twilight x The Originals crossover }

- A Rewrite of the older version -

Rhianna Rosalie Cullen- mikaelson. Seventeen years old and the twin of Hope Andrea mikaelson.

She had been taken from her birth/biological family, when she was ripped from the womb of her mother, Hayley Marshall, and was declared dead. 

But in reality one of the harvest witches, that were suppose to kill her as a baby as apart of a ritual, had become sympathetic. Sending her to a place far away from New Orleans. Forks Washington. And that is where she was found by two cold ones, Emmett and Rosalie Cullen. 

When Klaus mikaelson figures out his other daughter is alive, seventeen years later, but not in New Orleans and with her rightful family, after a 'Connection' of his finds her there was no stopping him.