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A Royal Deception

A Royal Deception

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When commoner-in-disguise Eddie Shaw is hired to trick a prince into falling for her, will she be able to break both their hearts when seduction turns to love?


Being hired to trick the crown prince of Valandria into falling in love with her is maybe the last thing Chicago-born Edwina "Eddie" Shaw thought she'd be doing after losing her waitressing job. But when her hot as hell ex-boyfriend suddenly comes motorcycling back into her life, that's exactly what he hires her to do. The problem? No one warned her the prince had arms like a lumberjack and abs like a Greek god. No one warned her he had a sweet spot for rescue horses, a laughable inability to dance, and a wicked way with his hands. But Eddie WAS warned about one thing: her job is to make the prince fall in love with her, not to fall in love herself. Otherwise, breaking his heart might just mean breaking her own in the process...

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[A Wattpad Infinite Story] - new seasons coming out twice a year, forever!
Season One written by @TDMcGee. Finale releases July 3, 2020.
Season Two coming Fall 2020.
Season Three coming Spring 2021.

[[Word count: 50,000 - 60,000 words]]