A Wolf Among Witches  - on hiatus

A Wolf Among Witches - on hiatus

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TitaniaTempest By TitaniaTempest Updated Apr 20

A story of werewolves in a world ruled by magic - an epic quest, a trial by fire, and a bloodthirsty queen.

Sixteen-year-old Rae Bleddyn is about to come of age. According to the traditions of the Bloodstone Pack, that means she must undertake an epic quest to prove her worth and "earn her teeth". 
For Rae, though, the pressure is far greater than for other teen wolves - she is the Alpha's daughter, destined for leadership. 

The harrowing ordeal of her trial will be far beyond anything a normal wolf would ever face, yet she must rise up and succeed or be forever shunned by her pack.

A Wolf Among Witches is a stand-alone novella that fits into the same world as Dark of the Sun. Some of the characters you already know from that book may make an appearance, but this story is specific to the Wolf Packs of Silvestris Ferox. 
It takes place approximately ten years before Jordan's story.