Yer' a wizard Percy

Yer' a wizard Percy

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k02613 By k02613 Updated Aug 11, 2015

The giant war is over. Voldemort is about to come back completely. Harry needs help and Chiron knows it. The only one fit for the job is Percy Jackson Son of Poseidon. 
What happens when he sends Percy to Hogwarts blessed by Hecate.

 Harry and his friends are just excited for Hogwarts. But the triwizard tournament  makes for a dramatic school year. 

I suck at descriptions. Sorry. Also I do not own either one of these amazing series. Percy jackson and the Olympians/ Heroes of Olympus, both belong to Rick Riordan; their author. 

The Harry potter series belongs to j.k.rowling; their author.

DrakonSlayer2004 DrakonSlayer2004 Dec 15, 2016
Nice taste, lady...or guy. Are you by any chance a comedian or prankster
Me: Stay away from Percy!! 👹 He already has a girlfriend and she is the best girlfriend ever!!!!! They are made for each other!!!!! Nothing can sink Percabeth!!!!!!!!!! It is unsinkable!!!!!!!!!!!! Percabeth forever!!!!!! 
                              Friend: Knocks me out with a bat. "OK, time to get you into therapy."
sealion55 sealion55 Dec 12, 2016
NICO IS NOT A PACK MULE SO DONT TREAT HIM AS SUCH!!!!! He has a life ya know..... jeez!
Wise_seaweed Wise_seaweed Sep 09, 2016
I can just imagine percy getting hit with avada cadavra and everyone staring. Percy looks down at his Chest were it hit him. A grin spreading across his face while everyone else is scared.
The Perico ship will burn!!!!!!! Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👹👿💀🙅😈😬😠
Ciel_Ackerman_Aot Ciel_Ackerman_Aot Oct 02, 2016
'I can see the stars again My Lady.' -Zoë Nightshade; tTC.
                              I see them too.