Yer' a wizard Percy

Yer' a wizard Percy

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The giant war is over. Voldemort is about to come back completely. Harry needs help and Chiron knows it. The only one fit for the job is Percy Jackson Son of Poseidon. 
What happens when he sends Percy to Hogwarts blessed by Hecate.

 Harry and his friends are just excited for Hogwarts. But the triwizard tournament  makes for a dramatic school year. 

I suck at descriptions. Sorry. Also I do not own either one of these amazing series. Percy jackson and the Olympians/ Heroes of Olympus, both belong to Rick Riordan; their author. 

The Harry potter series belongs to j.k.rowling; their author.

I sang along to that song once. My brother disagreed saying "but you're not human." My dad:"That's not very nice" him: "okay she's not quite human" my dad: "still not very nice" him:" okay she's almost human" that is as close as he would get
Stay away from Percy no one can sink percabeth if you do I will rip you piece by piece and then throw you into salt water
                              and then burn you in lava.
                              Friend she said this to one of our classmates when they said that they shipped Percy with uhh Rachel
I read the gods are more powerful before breakfast 😂😂😂😂😂 I had to read it several times
_Blue_Pheonix_ _Blue_Pheonix_ 4 days ago
She should know too, cause if not she might go behind Franks back and send a search party or something
By the way. 
                              I was use this Dam mom to text my mom, she thought it is meaning 'damn' she want know why I use this word to her. I told joke things from series. 
                              So she don't understand me. It is really awkward.
vulcan547 vulcan547 Apr 15
Unicorn blood doesn't make you immortal it will only heal you even if you are about to die