How Did I Fall for Nico di Angelo

How Did I Fall for Nico di Angelo

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Book 1

Amber Beggar is an ordinary school girl. She expects nothing out of her life, that is, until a certain son of Hades walks into her life. 

They go on a great adventure filled with peril, romance, heartbreak, and excitement. 

*Disclaimer: I do not own any characters mentioned/included in the PJO/HOO series*

Do you mean would've? 'Wouldnt taken' isn't propper grammer. Unless you meant wouldn't have taken, which was contrasting the point I think you were trying to prove.
_LunarFox_ _LunarFox_ Oct 09
batman_431 batman_431 2 days ago
i say that all the time ,or rather think it the stabbing thing i mean, to much paperwork for the teacher to do if i stab someone
Starkmage046 Starkmage046 Nov 04, 2015
It shouldn't always be Grover, if u want someone like him, make an OC that's like his prodigy or apprentice
SoulSurfer2o2 SoulSurfer2o2 Sep 27, 2015
I hate math. But love Greek mythology! Well guess I can't help it...
ThatMarauderGirl ThatMarauderGirl Sep 18, 2015
0_o what about me?!?! What about little Bob?!?! Coach Hedge?!?! Groves eventually?!?! Bianca?!?! All @yzgheib21 mentioned?!?!