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Sabrina Juliet By sabb24 Completed

The world is a cruel place filled with secrets, danger, and

After losing her entire pack in a deadly assassination, one rare
half-breed wolf is left to cope alone. To make matters worse, she's forced to
join an infamous group of ruthless, lethal rogues and act as nothing more than
a well-trained weapon. She's cold, detached, and one incredibly fearless
daredevil. Though nothing in this tortured half-breed's life seems to go as
planned and she'll soon figure out that life doesn't have to be a solitary

Through death defying wars, falling in love, and sacrificing
everything she has ever known, this little half-breed has finally chosen to
take hold of her life. 

Lose yourself and become 'Entwined' in the endless threads of


DivineSirens21 DivineSirens21 Aug 06, 2014
I am seriously tearing up and it's not even that far in the 1st chapter. Oh my gosh.
ForeverEvelynne ForeverEvelynne Nov 27, 2013
This is such an amazing story! It inspires me so much! Great job!!
- - Sep 22, 2013
This was epic. The suspense, the action, everything. I could feel the girl's pain and uncertainty. Well written. Just awesome.
sabb24 sabb24 Jun 01, 2013
@Krish71000 I'd love to! Just please PM with requests like that! :)
67chevvyimpala 67chevvyimpala Jun 01, 2013
do u mind checkin out my story!
                              its called blood bound!!
sabb24 sabb24 Jun 01, 2013
@Krish71000 thanks so much!! :D And i thought the song fit perfectly so I'm so happy you approve :D x