My very own Alpha (completed)

My very own Alpha (completed)

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Abigail Halliday lives her life as just an average American teen, she might have a confusing and rough past but even still she achieves good grades in high school, but isn't afraid to have fun. Abigail is popular, but not the kind where it gets to your head. Confident, but not arrogant. Kind, but not fake. She is what some people describe as perfect and what others would describe as the 'it' girl. When she starts at a new school, Abigail is forced to make new friends and at the same time, move on from her recent break-up, with a cocky playboy that she thought had changed. Although, not everything is as bad as it seems.

Cue, Logan Ashworth. Totally gorgeous, popular, rich, loved by all and not to mention that he is the Alpha of one of the strongest in America.

What will happen when Logan finds out that he is mated to Abigail and will they be able to overcome her past together? 

Read to find out!

Warning: contains swearing and may contain sexual scenes.

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goodgirl_nina goodgirl_nina Sep 09, 2017
One time I got dumped over Snapchat it was a sad day for me 😂😂😂
ErickaMunoz066 ErickaMunoz066 Sep 15, 2017
I don't like lying so I'm going to speak the truth and give my opinion it's a little bit overused like some words are overused I'm not going to say your focus because I haven't read it does the intro but it's okay the guy won it was okay the girl wanted to have some very overused words
Lunaqueen23 Lunaqueen23 Jul 15, 2017
I would of snapped in a completely lady like way 😂😂😂
StefLena StefLena Jan 11
So Abs' mother knows about werewolves but not her. Is her mom one or was here dad one? How and why is her mother standing in for the Alpha? And Toby you will get that back you JERK...
Danihulk23 Danihulk23 Nov 05, 2016
I never understood this, like did he eat the wolf to make it apart of him?
tonjenybraten tonjenybraten Jan 22, 2017
Well I'm probably crazy, but I want an overprotective boyfriend, but just not at that level.