The Possessive Stranger In The Santa Boxers

The Possessive Stranger In The Santa Boxers

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Rose By rose_cx Updated Jan 26

"You are MINE." He growls out, trapping me against the cool counter, the spoon immediately falling out of my hands- creating a crash on the floor. 

His big hard body covers mine like a sweater, His thick blonde hair running against my chin as he dips his head down to my chest. "Who do you belong to?" He whispers in a deathly taunt. 

Shivers cover my body as I squeeze my brown eyes tight and with all my might, push him off me. 

He stumbles back a little bit looking up with dark eyes full of lust and anger. 

"Not you." I reply. My eyes narrowed at his  hazel ones, trying to ignore the heat that went off me as he left.

 "I guess I'm going to have to teach you a little lesson then." His voice coming out deeper then ever. Fear leaks into me as I notice the sly smirk that forms on his face. "This will be fun." He blurts out, before he lunges for me.


Christmas is for fun and laughter, opening presents, giving, and spending time with your family. 

Who would of thought I would be spending MY Christmas, the most important day of the year, being kidnapped by a sexy hunk in Santa boxers. 

Definitely not me.

tg4104 tg4104 Nov 13
She said to the girl holding Nutella then he........ SNATCHED THE NUTELLA AWAY AND RAN!!!!!
Topazhill Topazhill Oct 22
Ohhhh so this is what freckles look like...okay. I live in the Philippines that's why I don't know what freckles are and people here do not have freckles because we're tan.
How this nigga not know she's adopted if you have red hair and your family has a different color hair then its pretty obvious you didn't come out of your "moms" coochie
"Cool winter air flow my shining red hair that reaches my ribs in waves." 😧😧
She looks exactly like a girl in my school. Same freckles. Same red hair. Same facial features.
Dammit. Someday i hope someone loves me like danny loves his gnome.