The Arrival Of Rosa // (Maze Runner Fanfiction)

The Arrival Of Rosa // (Maze Runner Fanfiction)

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The Original Gladers have been in the Glade for just over a year and a half now. Every week supplies came in the Box, and every month a Greenie was sent up. But all that changed when someone peculiar was sent up in the box.

This fanfic is based off of the book, NOT the movie. The movie is an adaptation of the book and has some significant differences, meaning you might be confused if you've only seen the movie and you haven't read the book.


Wow... this is so not true, girls can be twice (if not more) as strong as boys!
Penguin_Inc Penguin_Inc Nov 13
Im a dude. Im not stupid. I believe (and know) that girls can do everything guys can do and probably more.
I know Alby supposedly got his name from Albert Einstein, but I always think of Albus Dumbledore😂
BRUH, I arm wrestled my guy best friends-a.k.a. Jocks- and won. So, you wanna go runner BOI?!
Luna_Wolf04 Luna_Wolf04 Jul 31
Excuse me but I'm pretty tough I stubbed my toe on a 20 pound weight earlier today and I didn't break my foot 🙄😤
Luna_Wolf04 Luna_Wolf04 Jul 31
I would freaking put duck tape on his eyebrows and rip them off