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How I Literally FELL Into Love |Complete|

How I Literally FELL Into Love |Complete|

47.7K Reads 1K Votes 9 Part Story
Kay By Paradoxx Updated Dec 19, 2010

*Completed Novella* What would you do if you had to spend the night in a hospital with a cocky doctor who you can't seem to escape from, a crazy best friend who continues to get you into awkward situations, and reoccurring power outages? That's Ayra Rayne's little dilemma. She promised herself she won't fall for him--creepy fruit aisle guy. Will she keep her promise?

This story is pretty old and not very good (in my opinion) but I'm keeping it up. Gotta remember where you came from. You've been warned.

  • clumsy
  • doctor
  • romance
  • winter