Evolution//stiles stilinski☾

Evolution//stiles stilinski☾

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Kayla Edwards was the popular one, the  beautiful, independent, and genius of Beacon Hills High School. After a horrible party that has her hospitalized, Scott McCall realizes that the only way she'll make it out alive is if he calls Derek Hale, the Alpha of the town, to change Kayla but for a specific reason. 

Stiles has been madly in love with Kayla since he laid eyes on her in elementary school. Of course, being best friends with Scott McCall had its ups and downs, but once Scott had been magically good at Lacrosse, they both climbed the social charts, but Kayla was always out of reach while in Lydia Martin's grasp. 

When Kayla has to learn the ways of werewolfism thanks to Scott, who is now in charge of Kayla, she finds herself growing closer and closer to Stiles. But with an Alpha pack in town, who knows who's going to live and who's going to die. 


I do not own any characters besides the ones that I create. All rights and privileges go out to MTV and the producers

simplykpxp simplykpxp Dec 27, 2016
is it like a thing in cali where they remember all days full moons lie on
xgalvanize xgalvanize 13 hours ago
get your damn head in the game and out of her comfort zone you dickhead
stilinskillme stilinskillme Jun 05, 2016
Hey Stilinski, meet my smol bean, smol bean, meet your anchor.
                              Shake hands. Be friends for a while. Make out. Be bf and gf. 
                              You hurt her, I will destroy you. I will hunt you down, and eat your soul. I will rip you throat out with me teeth. OK? OK.
madisonmazziotti madisonmazziotti Aug 20, 2016
It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, reply if if you love that song
TyAnnaAll TyAnnaAll 4 days ago
Uhm why is the chemistry so strong between her and scott? I didnt come here for this, and yet...I ship the crap outta them.
stilinskillme stilinskillme Jun 05, 2016
Scott, we need to talk. 
                              This is a STILINSKI fan-fic boiii....stop making me ship you and my precious little cinnabun...