The Love For Twins Pt. 2 (Lesbian Story)

The Love For Twins Pt. 2 (Lesbian Story)

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IG:Kvng.Carless By YoungkaykaybabeBoyd Updated Jan 08, 2017

7 years later

Jay pov

???: fuck daddy!!

one of my random hoes in my bed screamed as i hit it from the back. minutes later she creamed all over my strap.

i pulled out layin down. she put her head on my chest but i pushed her away. "bye" i said bluntly.

she sucked her teeth gettin up and puttin on her clothes. i lit a blunt and smoked it.

after three blunts i got out of bed and got in the shower. i put on

|| adida sweater (white and black)

   adida pants (black and white)

   white adidas ||

i finally cut my hair its alittle shorter then Jaiiys. i put my snapback on and left out the house.

let me give yall a lil update. as u can see im a player now. i aint wit dat commited relationship shit no more. 

Jaiiy and Jamie are married now. Jaiiy proposed at graduation and they got married two years later April 17, 2016.

i heard police sirens behind me until it stopped. "ay" i heard a male voice.

i hope they wasnt talkin to me "white and black sweater" they called out now i know the...

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lildee25 lildee25 Aug 30, 2016
Awwww good I jux hope Chris bck in the pic for good and I hope that her and Chris get bck together
Bubu_12 Bubu_12 Jan 02, 2015
But I feel like Jay is cheating on Chris but I don't know because probably Chris cheated on Jay too I feel like Jay should of tried to get Chris back
Ljflash Ljflash Jan 02, 2015
so jay & t met, the gon  hook up???? what about Chris.? just let the drama begin.. Good writing
blaze1on1 blaze1on1 Jan 02, 2015
Oh wow...didn't think that would have happen but I'm liking so far.
kady_banko kady_banko Jan 02, 2015
Facts.. I with Bubu_12!! Will Chris be coming back or will Jay & Tashe fall in love like i really wanna know