Yet To Be Loved

Yet To Be Loved

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ᴍ.ɴ ᴇᴍᴇʀʟᴀ🥀 By sweettartgotswag Completed


Edward had left her and in the woods and the rest had left. Bella is soon taken to safety. Victoria and Laranet  is still out there roaming. Jake is helping as the best he could but she was slipping slowly.

 She goes to the Voultri for help do they come to her? 

And soon has a mission in the south were she  gets  captured into Maria's army and help from the Majors  Captain ,Lieutenant.

Who will she turn out to  be? Who turned her?  Will she take over the south? Who is her enter demons?Who is her mate ? Who got her pregnant?

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GeminiEmerald91 GeminiEmerald91 Apr 21, 2016
the one who plays Aro is Michael Sheen and the one that plays Demetri is Charlie Bewley and Gil Birmingham plays Billy Black
BriannaWhitlock BriannaWhitlock Jun 16, 2015
I wish I could that. But da#n, who the he'l carries that much money around in their pocket? XD