Apples of Life

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Joy Elizabeth Doughty By JoyElizabethDoughty Updated 3 years ago
As a young girl I grew up in a household that was a 1 Parent Family with a Deaf Brother and a Hard Working often Harassed Mum, which often led to poignant, sad, happy and indeed some very funny moments of which helped to shape the core of our Family today. My memories tell you of not remembering having a dad, an older brother who to this day is very important and a very special part of my life, with my childlike innocence and understanding not only of deafness and disability but of being in a Single Parent Family, which later became a Two Parent Family much to mine and my brothers delight, yet the suffering and losses and gains that we all went through to make us all the lil Apples of our own Parents eyes to date. You will shed a tear, laugh, and see from my own perspective just how life can be from my own earliest memories.
.Well it happens to us all at sometime in life, you luckily found your early great story
Joy that was wonderful, have been away so have only just read it, so funny and natural Lover it. Keep it up look forward to the next bit.
Really fascinating to read about your childhood before I got to know you as a teenager. Can't wait to read more x
Ahh but are you naughty and mischievous now?  That's what people want to read! hehehe
LOL I love the sanitary towel story - keep going I'm enjoying it.  It's great to hear such early memories of your childhood.  Can't wait to read some more. XXX Laura XXX