Divergent High [UNDER EDITING]

Divergent High [UNDER EDITING]

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Tris Eaton ∞ By FourTrisForever4646 Updated Jul 31, 2015

Time travel into a modern world of where the Divergent characters conquer high school. With that, drama and conflicts arise. 

Tris Pedrad is a carefree teenager, an individual that everyone around her has grown to love. Boys fall head over heels over this oblivious and daring girl, possessing characteristics that everyone would dream of having. Although, this perfect peach refuses to date anyone because of an occurrence a year ago. She has never been able to love anyone because of that incident. 

However, Tris was not prepared to face an individual who returns to Chicago after their departure. Will he be able to destroy her walls that she's been building? Will Tris finally learn to love?

That all still remains a mystery.

There will be quotes and sentences from the books.

Divergent belongs to Veronica Roth.

WARNING - DO NOT READ. This story is currently under an immense amount of editing. Parts of it may not make sense as chapters are being edited to the best of my ability. Please bear with me as I will try to edit this story as fast as possible.

While watching the video I started to tear up... I always do when I watch something or see something Divergent ❤️
Mangledfox33 Mangledfox33 Jun 25, 2015
*Girls show interest in an incredibly hot guy* those damn sluts. Yep that makes sense
Thefaultinour46 Thefaultinour46 Jun 15, 2015
So you're abused yet your father buys you a Ferrari. That makes perfect sense. *note sarcasm*
EquusHol_ EquusHol_ May 28, 2015
@FourTrisForever4646  that video yeah made me choke on air and nearly cry, it was so good