overdrive • bellamy blake

overdrive • bellamy blake

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dxltas By dxltas Updated Sep 20, 2016

❝give me faith and i won't leave❞

We were born in space. We were expendables, none of us really mattered; not to anyone anymore. Our home wasn't home, it was a ship of metal and dust. So when we are cast away and left to die, what reason did I have to be brave down here? Our mission was to find a new home but what if home became a person, not a place? That was the only time I could be brave.

mature warning

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You were just 15 oh my god i really love the way you write it
Yall i need your help. Idk if this is the book but im trying to find a bellamy story and i remember jessica alba was playing the main character and the book was really good and i never finished it and now i wanna read it and i cant find it and i dont think its this one
i just looked at how many reads this has and boi i have NEVER seen a bellamy blake story with 1 million reads!! good job
- - Sep 08, 2016
I love how you use your words to create an image!!! I think you will do well in writing.
QuiteVexing QuiteVexing Sep 14, 2016
I hated the beginning of season 3 but towards the last few episodes were pretty good and they old Bellamy was back and the Lexa thing in the finally was cute but the bellarke moment ughhhhhh so fûcking good
QuiteVexing QuiteVexing Sep 14, 2016
Yoo the fact that rothenberg tweeted at him saying Ricky's face was heartbreaking when he found out he was being killed off pissed me off even more like don't fûckin @ my son