The fence. phanfiction

The fence. phanfiction

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Phil was always a girly boy. He would play with barbies and wear pink colors a lot. Even when his mom told him that it was the most normal thing ever, he knew that something was up. 

A boy appears on the other side of his fence. He sits beside a tree and draws in his notebook.Phil's mom said he is a new neighbor. Phil finds him quite interesting. But boys for Phil are this biggest misery. 

When he talks to the brunet boy he is tongue tied and his cheeks blush. At the same time he can't stop looking at him through a little hole in his fence.

In no matter of days they will grow on each other, trust each other, maybe even like each other. But those are just kids, with big expatiations.  

Story about coming out, teenage drama and two boys that live at the other side of this big wooden fence.

(teenage old Phan)

FyreIce369 FyreIce369 Oct 03, 2016
Philly, You shouldn't change for anyone, sweetheart. You are perfect and precious as you are. That goes for eveyone. The only person you should change for, is yourself. <3
abster0412 abster0412 4 days ago
My mum would shut us outside in the summer until we dried off or we had to strip in the garden.....
Jay--dee Jay--dee Oct 25, 2016
I live in an apartment in Australia about 30mins drive away from the city and I have two really tall trees, a banana tree (I honestly have no idea lmao) a pretty tree that has little white flowers and a view little plants and ofc grass
Jay--dee Jay--dee Oct 25, 2016
I change a lot, sometimes I talk kinda clearly but lately I've apparently being mumbly and quiet again and its weird because I feel like I'm being too loud but apparently I'm not
Franficlover456 Franficlover456 Dec 29, 2016
I have a tree next to my window and my neighbours kittens like to play in it so if I open my window I'm garenteed(not sure if that's the right spelling) to have at least one in my room. They are cute though so I don't mind.
kittykat123444321 kittykat123444321 Aug 14, 2016
I'm a teenager and I can't even say shut up, and mini Dan can say smart-åss?