The fence. phanfiction

The fence. phanfiction

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Phil was always a girly boy. He would play with barbies and wear pink colors a lot. Even when his mom told him that it was the most normal thing ever, he knew that something was up. 

A boy appears on the other side of his fence. He sits beside a tree and draws in his notebook.Phil's mom said he is a new neighbor. Phil finds him quite interesting. But boys for Phil are this biggest misery. 

When he talks to the brunet boy he is tongue tied and his cheeks blush. At the same time he can't stop looking at him through a little hole in his fence.

In no matter of days they will grow on each other, trust each other, maybe even like each other. But those are just kids, with big expatiations.  

Story about coming out, teenage drama and two boys that live at the other side of this big wooden fence.

(teenage old Phan)

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-thicctae -thicctae Nov 22, 2017
there’s a giant tree in my backyard but you can’t sit under it bc a squirrel with throw an acorn at your head
TheOneLoneWolf TheOneLoneWolf Dec 11, 2017
Look, it depends, what do you want to change? Your personality? or your body?
TheKitsuneAndTheCat TheKitsuneAndTheCat Dec 06, 2017
Ok so boys in this story are me
                              *Sits in my lazy messy food hole of shame*
twentyonefallaways twentyonefallaways Dec 17, 2017
In class:
                              *talking in a normal voice*
                              Teacher:Can you speak louder so the whole class can hear you?
                              *literally screaming*
                              Teacher:i can't hear you
                              BOI ARE YOU D E A F
daniellehowelll daniellehowelll Sep 12, 2017
You're sister is straight damn honest. Two things you aren't right now...straight, nor honest philly