Snap and capture (UsUk LEMON)

Snap and capture (UsUk LEMON)

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Mizuko By Mizukotan Updated Dec 03

England has gotten into a heap of trouble with a local gang headed by none other then America. And yes, America is the bad guy in this. 

France will be a second love interest and basically the good guy in this story.

Aka Fruk vs non-con!Usuk.

England will be used, abused, tortured,,.. you get the idea. There's your warning.

Will he escape America and be with the Hero, France? Or will Stockholm syndrome take over, and make him fall in love with the monster that started this all?

Who will get England?

Find out for yourself ^^

(In progress. I accept friendly criticism)

  • america
  • capture
  • england
  • hetalia
  • kidnap
  • r18
  • servant
  • slave
  • snap
  • yaoi
Everyone is commenting on how this is hot or disgusting for this paragraph but I'm here like....
                              If his legs and hands are tied to the did Alfred flip him over...? ._.
Someone needs to make a doujinshi out of this.........
_LilyChan_ _LilyChan_ Sep 01
I can't help but imagine how hot that would sound in his British accent
roses are red
                              cacti are prickly
                              boy did that
                              escalate quickly
Alfred: Who's your hero? ( ͡° 3 ͡°)
                              Arthur: *moans* you daddy
....the fact that I'm listening to America's theme songs from Hetalia is not fitting... i need smth else... *plays UsUk drama CDs in background* much better ^-^