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To Italy! Trip of Class 2A

To Italy! Trip of Class 2A

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Precious-Little-Girl By Precious-Little-Girl Updated Oct 02, 2015

Everything is at peace now, Vongola and Simon are now back to being friends and allies, the Curse of the Arcobaleno is already broken and they are now aging normally. Just as Tsuna is having a 'normal' life, Reborn, disguised as Boreen-sensei, decided to mess with Tsuna more: by having a trip to Italy; home of the mafia. Will the trip turn out good or bad?

ViiWyn ViiWyn Jul 16, 2016
                              That was obviously RIGGED or just your excuse. I believe the latter.
SawadaAkaneX27 SawadaAkaneX27 Nov 09, 2015
Thats not how a principal talks at all......prince-epal.......
unknowlove0929 unknowlove0929 Jun 29, 2015
oh my my,our dear little hitman dose care for our tuna-fish,how cuteee
dirtyoldshoes dirtyoldshoes May 24, 2015
is this precious nina something in facebook coz this is alaude skylark and I'm not using this account anymore and uh I use this dirtyoldshoes account coz I forgot my old password so yeah—
- - Apr 15, 2015
yup he
                              *killing intent*
                              *looks at reborn and ignores killing intent*
                              yup you do care because you're in denial hehe-
                              *dodges bullets from a pissed off reborn*
Precious-Little-Girl Precious-Little-Girl Apr 13, 2015
                              XD Yup he does care! *cue killing intent*
                              Reborn: Ahem.
                              A-Ah.. E-Eto.. Y-Y-You misheard me!
                              Reborn: You suck at lying. *prepares gun*
                              Cutie-san! I really need run for my life! Thank you! *flees*