On My Own - NaruSasu (BoyxBoy)

On My Own - NaruSasu (BoyxBoy)

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Originally called: i'm Not A Girl

Mikoto Uchiha always wanted a daughter as a child, but fate did not choose to grant her wish. Instead of a daughter she was gifted with two sons, Itachi and Sasuke. Sadly, she is not able to recive any more children, so Fugaku decided, trying to make his wife happy, that his second son Sasuke should be dressed, raised, treated and addressed as a girl. 

The older Sasuke got, the more he realized that this is not him. He is not a girl, he never was. Sadly the boy doesn't get a say in this. 

Moving to the Konoha village he meets Naruto and his friends. He never actually thought that the energetic blonde haired boy would stumble into his world and turn it upside down. Sasuke never felt more alive, Sasuke never felt more like himself. 


Disclaimer: Was written early 2014, my english wasn't the best, it get's better though. Going to be edited soon.

(Face palm) Wow mother.............please I am a male so if you wanted a daughter couldn't u of just adopted a girl...........SIMPLE LOGIC
xxYuKaNeexx xxYuKaNeexx Jul 26
Sachiko is going to come back from Corpse Party and Kill us all :D It was nice to meet y'all
I really like Sasuke's mom too. Damn, sorry Mrs. Uchiha I'm gonna have to temporarily hate you
music_100 music_100 Sep 13
i wish sasuke's girl version was named susky instead of sachiko xD
Let's rewrite this, shall we?...
                              "I glared at the jewel. And smashed it just as hard as my parents smashed my dreams of being a guy."
                              Yep. o-o
🔫🔫🔪🔪 here Sasuke chose your weapon of choice to rage quite