Anger Brought Us Together. [ERERI/RIREN]

Anger Brought Us Together. [ERERI/RIREN]

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Anna By Heichou_Anna Completed

It's obvious.

Levi has some issues.
Anger issues, that is.

His mom feels like it needs to be noted, and fix it.

And of course, Levi's mother decides to send him to a Group Therapy to talk to people about it, to try to help.

What teenager would enjoy that?

Obviously, you'd think Levi would hate it.
But what if he actually doesn't? 

What if he meets someone, and changes his mind?

Find out how it all happens, and read! 


Warning; this story does contain yaoi, (boy x boy) relationships. It also contains smut. Which does mean there will be sex between two boys. 
If you are not comfortable with this, wtf. Leave this fan base! 

- This story belongs to me, Heichou_Anna. The characters do not belong to me. 
Most characters in this story belong to the creators of Shingkei No Kyojin. -

Though, I wouldn't mind owning them. ;)

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dragonprincess39 dragonprincess39 Dec 23, 2018
Said the same thing to my mom about therapy I've been it for almost 5 years
PatrineGordon18 PatrineGordon18 Dec 10, 2018
There is a thing I learn never dear you mother something bad will happen to you, so Levi watch it boi.
Youtriedit1 Youtriedit1 Dec 12, 2018
Legit I wouldn't even be mad I would think that was cute and then after I think about it the I'd get mad xD
Ererifangirlwhynot Ererifangirlwhynot Dec 25, 2018
*Looks down at my feet and looks up at the guy* Beach! I’m not wearing any!
YaoiLady YaoiLady Dec 03, 2018
LMAO that's why you shouldn't have to fight with your mother
Anime_Is_My_Life_91 Anime_Is_My_Life_91 Oct 15, 2018
I would normally just ignore that question every time she asks. Then,  she just answers for me and I just have the  o-ok  look