Attack on Titan oneshots and x readers

Attack on Titan oneshots and x readers

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Luna Howlter By lunaruniverse Completed

Does this really need a description? I'm not good at them!

Producer: Yes it does, and we don't care if you aren't good at them! Now get on with it!

Me: Fine.  Hello everyone and welcome to a new book I will be writing! It's just Attack on Titan stories and oneshots that randomly will come into my head. There may be a few ships and 'x readers'. Not to mention just random short stories (or long ones. Depends on how many ideas I get)  about what might go on in the Survery Corps. (I will include Marco!! You can't tell me not to!) There may be some spoilers, but I'll try not to add too many!  Also, I take requests!!! Leave a request on any chapter and I will get to it as soon as I can! I will even take Hetalia requests, because that anime is amazing!! 

I do not own any of the characters except for my OC! All other characters belong to their creator. Now that I have that out of the way! Enjoy the story!

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boyishlazychick boyishlazychick Jun 17, 2017
Mikasa is surprisingly talking loud instead of being quiet, right next to Eren.
ii-starrydreams-ii ii-starrydreams-ii Apr 13, 2017
xxScar_childxx xxScar_childxx May 25, 2017
Nvm ignore my comment on the previous chapter lolol. Thanks for telling us who it's about ahead of time 👍🏻
HubDub1234 HubDub1234 Oct 03, 2016
it WOULD be the best birthday ever but ~pulls out a mistletoe~ aye jean
- - Aug 10, 2016
@TabbyCatz11 I was about to say, when the hell did you make this story XD
LunarTrash LunarTrash Mar 05, 2016
                              If i was immature
                              I would call u a grass
                              AND I AM
                              YA GRASS