Don't Let Me Go

Don't Let Me Go

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Dylan Hawthorne is the son and heir of a multi-billionaire business man. When his father comes up with a ludicrous arranged wedding, Dylan is determined to do anything to stop it. Even going to the lengths of hiring professional help.

Scarlett "Minnie" Madison is eighteen, alone, and a hooker. When Dylan Hawthorne happens to be her next customer, she doesn't realize that he will turn her life completely upside down.

[Completed 09.06.2016]

lynjay lynjay Jul 25, 2016
That 1st chapter pulled me in alright.   Great 1st chap.😉
I liked you story! I love how you based it off Pretty Women but still made it your.
xxAvidMattersxx xxAvidMattersxx Jul 27, 2016
😂😂😂😂 for a second I thought it said "he was tempted to throw her out of the window" haha 😂😂😂
Feels like forever since o have read one of your stories. No wonder there was a hole in me heart where a book by sodamnrad was missing.....can't wait to start reading this story
xxAvidMattersxx xxAvidMattersxx Jul 27, 2016
Can't wait to get into the book!!! it's so hard to find these types of good books on wattpad, anyone else agrees?
boshaboi boshaboi Nov 08, 2016
Just started reading and first off I read the go vote part and automatically thought about the election today for president. Second I like the book so far.