*^Revenge of Lucy^* (Fairy Tail) {On Hold}

*^Revenge of Lucy^* (Fairy Tail) {On Hold}

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PreciousOne By Otaku13ARMY Updated Jan 03, 2015

Yea...Yea... Just like always,,, Revenge....


Lissana came back from Edolas and the guild is partying non stop in 3 months... they even ignored Lucy.... except for Gray, Erza, Mira, Master, Juvia, Romeo, Wendy, Gajeel, Levy, The Exceeds and even Laxus and Lissana keep talking to Lucy... Other than them is ignoring Lucy.... Until Natsu... Kick Lucy out of the team and even call her weak, useless, and even told her that she always hide behind her spirits.... and he also broke up with her.

And all of the guild are listening to their conversation... then all of them started throwing things, bottles and magict at her... POOR LUCY.... And she can't take it anymore.. she quit and train in the forest and meet a dragon then told her that she is the Queen of All... By I mean all is Queen of Dragon,,, and Queen of Something Else.... 

Read and Find Out,,, What else is Lucy a Queen of,, and if she had any company,,, and if she will continue her revenge...


Arriaah_Ara Arriaah_Ara Aug 05
Leave the rituals to me Lucy *grabs 666 candles and an ominous book called "Not an ominous book of spell"*
Animegirl600 Animegirl600 6 days ago
Wait...... Gajeel calls her bunny girl so there's something really wrong with him if he's calling her Lucy... THE WORLDS COMING TO AN END RUNNNNN
RosieSimone RosieSimone Jul 15
@Otaku13ARMY I know this on hold but please update soon and 1 for natsu
Arriaah_Ara Arriaah_Ara Aug 05
Are you telling me people DON'T panic when a city is destroyed?????
Of course you have to save her.
                              People save people to y'know.
                              And look at it,
                              Kind people, relaxing and watching her dear nakama die.
Who breaks up with people while smiling and saying they were replaced😒😒😒😒