Script Writing Thingy

Script Writing Thingy

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hank By hank Updated Aug 21, 2014

So here's the situation, John and I are always interested in making new content on YouTube and script writing is always a limiting factor. Writing good video scripts is HARD. You've got to be pithy, you've got to communicate effectively while still being entertaining, you've got to think not just about what the words say but how to best say them with video. 

Lots of people use actual script writing software, but John and I tend to just write in Google Docs or something and put in notes like [ON SCREEN - CAPTAIN PLANET EATS A CORDOG] or somethng. And, of course, much of what ends up in the video isn't written in the script. But if you want to see what a script tends to look like, I've put a few of them up on WattPad here. 

Anyhow, we're looking for some certain types of script writing, and we're going to be very discerning and picky (so don't worry if we don't comment on your work...we have very specific and particular tastes.) Here's are the topics we'd like to see scripts on:

1. So...